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  • Survival Instinct

    Survival Instinct

    The world was anathema to life. Well, Belan considered, that wasn’t entirely true. It hosted a thriving ecosystem of flora and fauna that were uniformly hostile in the extreme. Its atmosphere, thoroughly poisonous to him, had apparently created the perfect conditions for organisms deadlier than any he’d ever known to thrive. It was as if…

  • The Story of the Infamous 1979 ‘Alien’ Action Figure

    The Story of the Infamous 1979 ‘Alien’ Action Figure

    When I was six years old, my dad drove the family down to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Being young, adventurous adults, my parents wanted to check out a number of attractions that absolutely terrified my little brain, film-based rides like Jaws, Earthquake, The Tower of Terror, and so on. But nothing left a stronger…