Are you a solo creator or small team working on a creative project? Do you need external input, analysis, and advice? I’m happy to offer my services as a creative consultant. You won’t get any psychopathic LinkedIn hustle culture talk about brand integrity from me — I will talk with you like a human being about your project, because after all, you’re making it for other humans.

Why should you trust me? I’ve worked with designers, writers, and creative agencies on projects like tabletop games, long form fiction, and ARGs. As an editor, I’ve published writers who have since gone on to have successful careers. I have a background in social science research (a Master’s degree, even) and a decade of experience as a creative professional. Recently, I led the crowdfunding campaign for my book LAN Party to success, with 1800 backers and $100,247.52 raised, nearly double our goal.

But you don’t have to take my word for it:

Seamus Blackey, father of the Xbox, says “Merritt K gets it right.”
Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman says of one of my short stories, “This is marvelous.”

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